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Demand action on climate change

Rising sea levels. Catastrophic wildfires. Persistent drought and famine. Ocean acidification. Species extinction. War and climate refugees.

It’s pretty grim stuff.

But the future is ours to shape. I know that if we act now, we can reverse global warming and avert the climate crisis. Sign our petition demanding that Trump and the Republican Congress take action now.

As your Attorney General, I’m holding the Trump administration accountable. In May, I joined a lawsuit alleging that they violated the National Environmental Policy Act for failing to study the environmental impacts of new coal mining leases on public land.

And just this week, I filed suit against Trump’s Department of Energy to demand that they stop delaying new energy efficiency and pollution reduction standards.

Please join me, the Attorneys General of California and Virginia, and dozens of Members of Congress and sign our petition demanding action on climate change.


Posted on June 17, 2017.